Dogs In Waiting – Keeping An Eye Out For You

This lovely golden creature was a regular at our old library – now bulldozed to make way for a new one scheduled to open late 2012. I liked how this dingo-like dog would take a seat in a very casual way rather than wait on the ground for its owner to emerge loaded up with a week worth of books to keep busy with. I reckon it’d be a couch dog for sure. Click to make bigger.

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Dogs In Waiting – Pugnacious

This little gremlin faced beastie was fiercely protective of his pal, yapping away at me and growling to show off an impressive and frightening under bite – he would have eaten my shoes laces given half the chance…

pugnacious |pəgˈnā sh əs|

eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight : the increasingly pugnacious demeanor of politicians.
• having the appearance of a willing fighter : the set of her pugnacious jaw.