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I’m Loraine Callow. I am an artist and designer – I love to write, paint, draw,  garden, sew, take photographs, design and illustrate stuff. If you’d like to work with me, please be in contact!
I like to have a go. I am an optimist, a lover of seashells and driftwood and the natural world. Sometimes I program the local literary festival and design theatre sets, occasionally I grow zinnias and write poems.
I like nice things – birds and plants, trees, fabric, ribbons, shiny things. I don’t believe in minimalism. I like abundance. And talking – I like talking. The name of this blog comes from my love of nice things and from a beautiful photograph at the very wonderful SHORPY site – go visit.

Thanks for dropping by.


Always be making art. Driftwood heart – beach art by Arcadia and Loraine Callow – Tathra Beach, Australia

Loraine Callow is a freelance artist and designer. She enjoys living close to the beach with her family in the historic seaport city of Williamtown in Melbourne, Australia.

Part bower bird, part botanist, part beachcomber, Loraine draws inspiration from vintage ceramics and fabric, Australia’s distinctive landscapes and unique flora. She’s been in love with pattern, paint and flowers her whole life.

Easily distracted as a child and restlessly curious as an adult, she works across a rich array of media and styles turning her hand from boldly graphic acrylic paintings to delicate watercolour works that celebrate her love of colour, nature and pattern.

A Funny Thing Happened…Set Design/Props

Instagram Lorainecallow Designs

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