Sunshine Made Real

It’s autumn here in the Southern hemisphere and the days are certainly cooler. The payoff for chiller days is the way the sun seems trapped in every flower and fruit as if to say “I’m not going anywhere!”

Dogs In Waiting – Pugnacious

This little gremlin faced beastie was fiercely protective of his pal, yapping away at me and growling to show off an impressive and frightening under bite – he would have eaten my shoes laces given half the chance…

pugnacious |pəgˈnā sh əs|

eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight : the increasingly pugnacious demeanor of politicians.
• having the appearance of a willing fighter : the set of her pugnacious jaw.

Less Peg Days Now

A gorgeous autumn is upon us, complete with crisp, cool mornings that swell to warm afternoons of the kind that make me want to find and sit in the sheltered places in my garden. The sun has shifted, its angle in the sky quite different now that the days have grown shorter. Soon there will be less peg days.

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Hunt and Peck

These dear wooden birds found me in the thrift shop. Their cheeky, beaky little faces made them impossible to resist. At the moment they forage on my dining room table amidst the shells I promise myself I won’t bring home from the beach – appears that I can resist anything but temptation. I like to move my bird friends around – my daughter is always the first to notice their avian antics. Click to make bigger.