Dogs In Waiting – However Long It Takes 1

In my town many people walk to go about their daily business – visits to the library, the shops, a stroll along the sea front, trips to the dentist, the doctor  – are all conducted on foot, often in the company of a dog. At any given time during the course of the day, it front of stores, and cafes, in the street, in the alcove near the pub or barber, at the bike rack near the post office, on the corner near the drink fountain, you’ll find dogs waiting. Some wait quietly, patiently, occasionally with a slightly aloof air, others watch for their owners in a state of high anxiety. A couple of years ago I started taking photos of them. I’m going to post them here over the next few months, because the world needs more pictures of dogs, right? More Dogs In Waiting here.

2 thoughts on “Dogs In Waiting – However Long It Takes 1

  1. Is this your dog? I love Labs. I lost my black Lab Lucy as she was old and very sick and I had to put her down. I held her head in my lap when the vet put her down. I wept like a baby and was very sad and lonely for quite a long time. I have nothing but fond memories of my Lucy Puppers.Regards,Steve SelfUSA

  2. Hi Steve, This beauty isn't mine, she came to visit at my workplace. Belongs to a fellow I was meeting – the dear thing sat in the alcove on the doorstep – so beautifully behaved and just gorgeous to be a around. I have some more of her to post. We have two greyhounds who will make appearances here soon.I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your own dear Lucy Lab, losing a dog you've loved and been loved by is terrible. We've had to put much loved dogs down and it feels dreadful, the only consolation for us was that we'd given the dog the best life we could – I'm sure you did for your Lab too. Peace – and thanks for stopping by.Ell

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