Dogs In Waiting – Keeping An Eye Out For You

This lovely golden creature was a regular at our old library – now bulldozed to make way for a new one scheduled to open late 2012. I liked how this dingo-like dog would take a seat in a very casual way rather than wait on the ground for its owner to emerge loaded up with a week worth of books to keep busy with. I reckon it’d be a couch dog for sure. Click to make bigger.

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Dogs In Waiting – Pugnacious

This little gremlin faced beastie was fiercely protective of his pal, yapping away at me and growling to show off an impressive and frightening under bite – he would have eaten my shoes laces given half the chance…

pugnacious |pəgˈnā sh əs|

eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight : the increasingly pugnacious demeanor of politicians.
• having the appearance of a willing fighter : the set of her pugnacious jaw.

Dogs In Waiting – Glumly Labrador

This gorgeous creature seemed resigned to his waiting fate. Sometimes dogs have that slightly hurt to be excluded from a place look about them. I think those expressive eye markings gave him an extra edge in the “make my feelings known” stakes and I like the way he made maximum contact with the cool concrete path.

Dogs In Waiting – However Long It Takes 1

In my town many people walk to go about their daily business – visits to the library, the shops, a stroll along the sea front, trips to the dentist, the doctor  – are all conducted on foot, often in the company of a dog. At any given time during the course of the day, it front of stores, and cafes, in the street, in the alcove near the pub or barber, at the bike rack near the post office, on the corner near the drink fountain, you’ll find dogs waiting. Some wait quietly, patiently, occasionally with a slightly aloof air, others watch for their owners in a state of high anxiety. A couple of years ago I started taking photos of them. I’m going to post them here over the next few months, because the world needs more pictures of dogs, right? More Dogs In Waiting here.