Putting Your Money Where Your Stapler Is – Green Collect Office Recycling

Green Collect offer a range of salvaged stationery, recycled furniture and a unique range of upcycled products. We all know about, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle and here’s an easy way to get on board. I’ve used a couple of the recylced notebooks as everyday art journals and can vouch for how perfectly good they are! They even sell bundles of pens and pencils and cartons of office gear made up into craft and tinkering boxes.

Buying products from Green Collect stops things from offices going to landfill. So, maybe you’re buying for yourself, setting up a creative office or perhaps you run workshops and events where you provide writing materials, think about buying from a company and social enterprise doing good things. Their site describes their services much better that I can – go visit and get inspired. Green Collect.

Green Collect



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