The Merchant – Loraine Callow Designs

So while I work out how being an artist is going to sustain me and supplement my other freelance work I’ve put up some designs at Red Bubble and Society 6. I’m very grateful and delighted to be making a few sales already and it’s great fun to my designs on products. And of course, I’ve purchased a few myself to check out the quality. Only a tiny cut of the Red Bubble and Society 6 sale price comes to me so I’m planning on the future holding a proper store of my own with products I can manage the manufacture of and I’m keen to sell some designs outright. Until then, thanks so much for your support, I appreciate it very much!

Society 6 – Loraine Callow

Red Bubble – Loraine Callow

5 January 2017 UPDATE – I purchased a beach towel from Society6 to check the quality. The towel arrived today and I have to say it’s pretty nice! It’s very big (74″ by 37″) and I guess you could also use it as a bath sheet. It’s soft polyester-microfibre with a velour finish on the print side and white cotton terry on the back. I’ve washed and dried in the sun today and it’s super soft and ready for the beach! The pattern is For the Love of Blue – Pattern 372. It’s from an original watercolour painting and I’m really happy with the the way the design and colours came out!




Make Art That Sells – Assignment Bootcamp 2016


I’m getting very excited about participating in the online Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp due to start this March presented by Lilla Rogers. I’m a fan of Lilla’s book “I Just Like to Make Things” and tune into her great Periscopes each week (on replay as I’m in Australia) as well as watching every video at her site. She has wonderful, down to earth encouraging advice based on her own art career and her business being an art agent. I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow Bootcampers!


Beach Charcoal – A Lucky Find


Sometimes the beach gives you the subject and the tools! Today I was lucky enough to come across a couple of pieces of charcoal on our driftwood strewn section of beach at Mogareeka Inlet – some of it soft and deeply black, other bits more brown and scratchy. My kids were kind enough to make “pencils” for me by wedging a tiny piece of charcoal in a hollow reed stem – they are nothing if not inventive! And the pencils worked. 🙂



More Stamp Garden – The Miracle of Home Printing

Stamp Garden - Loraine CallowI always have this feeling that I use about 5% of the capacity any technology I own and it’s only when I really want to do something that I’ll push a little. I’ve been printing documents and photos an on my Canon MG6250 for years – yesterday was the first time I slipped some card in the rear tray and printed something I’d designed. Small miracles hey? It’s not perfect and I’m still wrangling with image and paper size matching up, but I did it and I’m ridiculously chuffed at how this work is coming together.

Starry Starry and Stamp Garden

Processed with Moldiv I’ve had a lot of fun these past few weeks taking Rachael Taylor’s excellent The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course and feel like I’m starting to find my way. I’m concentrating on a few design ideas and now need to concentrate on learning how to use the technology! I can feel my brain stretching! One of the course tasks was to take a design you’d made, print it off and use as wrapping paper – I think these from my Stamp Gardens and Starry Starry collections have potential. Onward!