A Red and Blue Festive Season

Christmas in Australia means summer and summer for my family means the beach. For me the fresh combination of red and blue and white feel more festive than the usual green and red combinations. I’m looking forward to turning some of these and other designs into products in 2016. Whatever your colour preferences I wish you sparkly, bright days and plenty of time to be creative!


Euphorbia and a Return to Paint


It’s been a very busy few months with lots of good things going on but not much painting. Now that things have settled down a bit I’ve used these last few weeks to refamiliarise myself with my art materials and explore the gorgeousness that is Euphorbia. We have this plant growing in great abundance in our side garden – it glows in the late afternoon sun and I can’t resist bringing a little to decorate my desk. It has the most fantastic shapes and details as well as a wonderful limey green that I’m completely in love with.


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Art Materials Love 1 – Stockmar Crayons and Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolours

Loraine Callow stockmar 1

Loraine Callow Stockmar 2Loraine Callow Stockmar 3LOraine Callow Stockmar 4Loraine Callow Stockmar 5

Wax crayons have long been a favorite of mine. These beeswax crayons from Stockmar, used widely by Steiner schools, have a lovely smooth consistency and rich, saturated colour. They aren’t cheap but I think they represent great value – they are fabulously sturdy and great for wax resist projects. These little tree doodles were done with the square crayons on scraps of paper – the thin strips of paper seemed to lend themselves to rows of trees!

The leaves and trunks are painted with Koh-I-Noor water colours from the Czech Republic in the Brilliant Set – these are intense, dye based paints that behave a little differently to regular watercolours but are great fun to paint with if you love really deep, inky colours. You can get them in a traditional paintbox format or in a handy circular stack. I like the white/cream plastic surround on the paintbox or stack – some come with a black surround that makes identifying the deep colours hard to do! If you’re wanting to buy these make sure you choose the “Brilliant” set. Enjoy!

Williamstown Literary Festival 2014


I’m lucky enough to be Program Coordinating the 2014 Williamstown Literary Festival. I do hope that if you’re on this side of the world on Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st you’ll join me at the Williamstown Town Hall and Library for a weekend of books and ideas. You can keep up with all the festival news at the fest website and by signing up for the festival enews.

Evening Skies

The warm summer days have brought us the most lovely evening skies. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be in our local botanic garden as the sun dipped into the nearby sea.

On Friday night, the setting sun lit up a huge bank of clouds in the eastern sky, and lit up our back garden and the suburb, transfixing us as this illuminated mass filled and moved across the evening sky. My kids voted it “awesome” – I agreed. Click images to make big!