Processed with Moldiv Processed with MoldivMore than a little besotted with carving rubber stamps at the moment. My fingers are permanently black. It’s almost instant gratification and somehow soothing to do. I’m looking at everything in the world with a view to carving it in rubber!

Always With The Birds

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a play with reproducing on the printer a small ink picture I’d done  a while back – painting (colouring in!) has been great fun and an opportunity to play. Having plenty of copies to muck around with takes the pressure off having to stick with one colour scheme.

Velvety Goodness

I’ve been having a lot of fun making fancy bits and pieces for my hair with some of the gorgeous loot I brought home from our recent trip to New York. These are very sweet, old fashioned velvet with a touch of sparkly goodness thrown in for good measure.

Hand Work – Head Work

Sometimes when all my work seems to happen in my head and seem very ephemeral it can be good to be reminded of a time when I made things with my hands. Maybe each stitch is like a thought – it used to give me time to think. I may need more of this in my life.

A Made Up Bird

Staying with the bird theme, here’s a quick little one I did a week or two ago.  It kind of grew out a scribble so it’s pretty much a made up bird. Got me thinking about Charley Harper and how he would have loved the Fairy Wrens who hang out in the coastal scrub along the seafront near my place.

I have a bunch of small parchment squares, the provenance of which is a story for another day – anyway,  the paper is rough like lovely water colour card and takes the ink in such a way that soft or light strokes stay right on the top or the paper surface giving them a finer, more complex look that seems just right for feathers. The smallness of the paper seems to invite the detail. Click to make big.

A Tiny Selection From The Extraordinary Charles Harper